This was in my car when purchased it is no longer needed anymore so im selling it on here. If u know your sounds you will know this is a very good amp.

award winning denon dca 800
6 channel amp

this is a quote from another site about the amp

"this is a stunning amp - one of the old school all time classic amps with real rms power that can be run in many different ways. Can be run in 2,3,4,5 or 6 channel mode, has an optional built in variable cross over, sub boost, front / rear bias, and can put out in 4 ohm mode a genuine 6x50rms. Put it this way - could be hitting your 2 front & 2 rear speakers with 100 watts per speaker (50 rms), and use the other 2 channels bridged to 2 ohms on the cross over to hit a sub with 400 watts (200 rms) - ALL from just 1 amp!
a top class amp that I couldnt live without!"

these go on ebay for about 110 deliverd but are very hard to get a hold off.

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I would like 80ish + postage


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EJ2 #2 1.5 16v SOHC non tek :(
112.6BHP @ 6500RPM :D